Blanco è il dorso della rana sotto la luna

Blanco è il cielo curvo dell’artico,

Blanco è il silenzio dell’orchestra prima che attacchi

Blanco è il Big Bang, brothers and sisters

è il ronzio dell’Essere per Levinas… o era Blanchot?

Blanco è il cristallo di neve sui colchici a maggio

l’occhio che annuncia l’orgasmo,

il Pierrot del Doganiere

Blanco è l’orizzonte del cieco secondo Jose

è il fumo dell’Isba… ghe riverem a baita?

è il fremito dell’osso spazzato dal vento

Blanco è l’uovo, il seme, il corpo nudo

logo coblanco

COBLANCO Film&Communication



Coblanco is a laboratory of audio-visual communication. We tell stories, experiences, activities, events, products, services and places with images and words. We produce videos, corporate films, documentaries, short films, video tutorials, music videos and artistic performances. We also provide communications project and services.

Directors, writers, video editors, designers, editors, creative, computer scientist: we are a close-knit team and we take great care of our achievements by providing a constant attention to details.



New paths, new instruments. Communication at 360°. We add a new point of view with videos. For example working on a brand identity by producing a short film, giving increased visibility to a commercial adding an event or a targeted exhibition. Or merging a web marketing campaign with a corporate video. Just dare and create!




Each partner brings specific skills and most of all his point point of view: we believe it is essential to create an original work. We do not collaborate with services providers, only with people we trust and involved from the beginning.





From design to video production  Clients share their ideas with us, we build together their communication strategy and produce videos. We provide the material ready to broadcast on web and TV.


Production  Coblanco also works with other communication agencies and produces, based on the agency’s project, videos. Coblanco involves the director and all the professional skills required to ensure the quality of work.


Post-production  Coblanco provides upon specific request and in collaboration with the best professionals of the video post-production sector the following services: editing, colour design and correction, sound design, logo animation, lettering.





At Coblanco we work on projects of integrated communication by highlighting a flagship idea. Then we use this idea with several instruments: website, event, video, exhibition, publication, press release. Our network enables us to guarantee the highest level of skills and results.



Media relation  Planning a press campaign means communicate a specific information. No information? No press campaign. We write press releases and send them to targeted profiles and to press, newspaper, radio and TV editors. We build a press campaign strategy taking into account all kind of requirements: events, period, information, goals.


Web&Social  We work with the agencies Virtuopolitan e Tetragono that enable us to offer the following services: web design, development of responsive web sites, social media strategy, web marketing, blog, production and management of Direct Mail Marketing campaigns, servers.


Photography  We provide all kind of photographic services in collaboration with specialized photographers and cover all industries.